Land Use Planning During Times of Economic Recovery

Greenville, SC revitalized green space.

With space as a commodity in urban settings, there has been a movement to focus on alternatives for long-established land uses like parking lots, strip malls and vacant land. Not only do these transformations seek to affect the aesthetics and functionality of spaces, they can also have positive effects on economic redevelopment and revitalization.  Check out what’s going on around the country when it comes to re-thinking how we revitalize neighborhoods, generate revenue or increase property value during this post-recession time when ideals are being re-evaluated on a national level. (more…)

Shreveport Common and the Revitalization of Shreveport, LA

The headquarters of the Shreveport Regional Arts Council (SRAC) was destroyed by fire in 2009, and the subsequent rebuilding project has set off a flurry of activity in Shreveport, LA. The recipient of a coveted grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, SRAC has commenced a far-reaching planning process for what is being termed “Shreveport Common”, a 9-block historic area adjacent to Shreveport’s Downtown. The planning process has included a thorough neighborhood inventory, outreach to nearly 70 stakeholder groups, countless “listening sessions”, designs for infill buildings, a community-based design charrette, and even a neighborhood cleanup day. A national Artist Call for Public Artwork and Interpretive Signage is to be issued later this year.

Interest in this revitalization project has been robust – from the arts community, local developers, area land-owners, and area businesses considering re-locating to what will likely become a textbook case for urban revitalization. TMG Consulting is working with the SRAC team, performing a “planning audit”, and guiding the team from conceptual planning to actual implementation. Such a project is an exciting one for TMG, bringing together our experience in urban planning and historic preservation, and joining with our strong professional focus on feasibility, sustainability, and the realization of our client’s goals.

To learn more about the Shreveport Common, or to discuss your own planning project, please contact Suzanne Perilloux Leckert at (504)569-9239 Ex. 33 or

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